Worries and Blessings

Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life span?“- Matthew 6:27

A friend of mine once said that her definition of faith was knowing that it’s going to be OK. I believe that’s exactly what Jesus was telling his followers when he pointed how the birds of the air and the wild flowers in the fields were fed and clothed in abundance. It’s amazing to me how much of my time is taken up by useless worry. Will I find another job? Will we have enough money to pay rent? Will anyone actually read my blog? Time and again I am shown how foolish such worry is. As long as we are doing what we know is right, God will see to it that we are provided for.

Two weeks ago I wrote about how I had quit my job and whether God’s hand was involved in the decision. A recent event has given me another indication that God’s guidance is always evident. When I quit my job three weeks ago, I was told that my health coverage would be good through the end of the month. One week later I saw a dermatologist who removed a funny-looking mole on my back and sent it to the lab to be tested. Two weeks later, she called to say that the mole was highly abnormal and that they have to do another test on the surrounding skin. What struck me was that she called on the last day of the month! I told her about my predicament and she made an appointment for me that day. After the procedure she commented that I was lucky that February had an extra day this year. It was February 29. Lucky? No. Winning the lottery is a matter of luck. The chain of independent events that allowed me to see the doctor for a necessary test the day before such a visit would have been impossible is a tiny miracle.

By the way, that same afternoon I was offered another job with benefits. God’s watchful eye never blinks.


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  1. Erinn

    I like the blog. God is good. It’s hard to have faith that good will happen out of the bad, but it always does. Thanks Roberto. Also, Congratulations on the job. That’s awesome!!!

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