Daily Bread

Lazy, lazy, lazy. That’s how I’ve been feeling the last few days. I pray the Lord’s Prayer at least once a day. Included in that prayer is a sincere petition that God give me my “daily bread.” But how often do I give Him His? When I started this blog I fully intended to publish a new post once a week. Those of you who have been following the blog know that has hardly been the case. My excuses/rationales run the gambit from being too tired to being too busy. Somehow I have plenty of time and energy to enjoy morning coffee for an hour with Lisa Helene while we read the news. I find the time to watch two to three episodes of Star Trek AND The X-Files on Netflix over the course of each week. I generally don’t go into work until noon. WHAT is my problem??

When you get down to it I’m not a lazy person. Anyone who works forty-plus hours per week can’t be called lazy. The strange thing is that I’m very good and what I don’t want to do, going to my day job as a waiter, and very bad at working at what I aspire to be, a full-time writer. Is anyone else in this club? C’mon! Get those hands up! I think that we’re all very good at fulfilling the expectations of others, but many of us fall short of the goals we set for ourselves. How many of us went to church faithfully every week when our parents “made us”, but fell out of the habit once we were on our own? I, myself didn’t begin attending Mass regularly as an adult until five years ago when I joined the church choir largely to give myself added incentive to show up. Let’s face it. The commitments we make to each other tend to be kept more faithfully than the commitments we make to God. God gently summons us and when we don’t show up, he waits patiently. When we finally do show up and ask for pardon he gives it without reprimand. We are not so patient with each other. I show up to work on time to avoid “getting in trouble.” I pay my bills on time to avoid paying a penalty. My wife and I get up to sing at 9:00 Mass so that the choir has enough voices (and we don’t look like flakes!) I believe that’s one reason why God gave us each other. Christianity depends on community. Not a judgmental community, but one that encourages and reminds us of our responsibilities to each other and to God.

Lisa Helene and I have actively sought to build communities around us since moving to Virginia one year ago. Our faith-sharing group, church choir, and St. Vincent de Paul conference have introduced us to to wonderful people who, with a gentle collective hand have helped to keep us close to God. I want to nurture that kind of community with this blog. So I am asking for your help. Help me fulfill the commitment I made to God and I now extend to you to publish at least one post every week. You can do this by leaving comments, letting me know what you like and dislike about what I’ve shared. Tell me what inspires you. This blog is only meaningful to me if it means something to you.

Wha’dya say?




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5 responses to “Daily Bread

  1. This post describes me, to a “T.” I’m certainly not incapable of getting things done, or even unmotivated under the right circumstances, but under most circumstances (left to my own devices), I feel myself to be both- to a very great degree. And it all comes down, as you’ve said, to expectations, and who has them. I wonder if God finds any comfort in the fact that I’m as terrible about making commitments to myself as I am to Him. Because, the truth is, part of the reason that my prayer life is practically nonexistent is because He and I are the only ones keeping tabs.

    I really enjoy your posts- they are poignant, and well-written, and I really hope that you are able to step up and meet your goal now that you’ve gotten it “out there.” Because one thing I know about writers- they need to write, and they need to do it often. Once you find your momentum again, there wil be no stopping you.

  2. What inspires me is beautiful things in God’s world, and your heart for helping people. You have more to write about than you think…

  3. Helene

    Keep ’em coming!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s not about how many times you didn’t get to write instead it’s about the times you did post something and it served as a reminder to the rest of us, myself included!

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