Short but Sweet

Hello Readers! Today’s post will be quick. I’ve had an extremely busy week working extra shifts to put money away and working the helpline for St. Vincent de Paul. The former is exhausting but fun. The latter isn’t quite as exhausting, not nearly as fun, but gives me a measure of joy and satisfaction that’s hard to match anywhere else! For example, today I was able to cobble together enough pledges from various other SVdP conferences in the area to help a woman pay her rent. When I told her I had been able to raise the funds to assist her, she cried out, “Oh thank you! God bless you!” over and over. You can imagine how seldom I hear that kind of accolade working in a restaurant!

The St. Vincent de Paul Society helps people do everything from make rent and mortgage payments to buying gas to paying for life-saving medication. I’m proud to volunteer for such a wonderful organization. (Even when it doesn’t allow me a lot of time to blog!) If you have the time, I would highly recommend volunteering for your local conference, thrift store, or food pantry. Call your local parish to see if there is a St. Vincent de Paul Conference near you. Or donate to St. Vincent de Paul by clicking HERE.

Have a blessed week!


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