The Bible. Who Knew?

A few weeks ago I decided to read the four Gospels. I had never read all four of them all the way through. I’d read the the Nativity story once or twice and I’d heard the Passion read out loud at Mass every year on Palm Sunday, but I had never sat down and read each of the four Gospels in succession. I didn’t realize how much of the Bible I didn’t know! I didn’t know that the Nativity narrative we all know so well is in the Gospel of Luke. I didn’t know that the miracle at Cana when Jesus turned the water into wine is told only in the Gospel of John. It made me aware of how much of my faith I take for granted.

My parents own several Bibles in various translations. As a child I never read the Bible because I thought it would be too difficult to understand. As an adult I never read it because I figured I had already learned the essential parts in catechism and at Mass and that I could look up whatever I needed to know. I basically grew to see the Bible as nothing more than a revered dictionary. A reference manual that, admittedly, got more respect than a thesaurus but a lot less love and attention than the novels and political biographies I devoured with relish.

This discovery is I believe, a watershed in the faith journey that this blog is documenting. I have been inspired to read and discover more. Next week I will be attending the first session of an eight week course on the Bible at my parish. The course will focus on (among other things) the twelve periods in salvation history and the story told in the fourteen narrative books in the Bible. (Fouteen narrative books? See, I’ve learned something new already!)

I am very excited about this course and will be enthusiastically regurgitating what I learn each week for your reading enjoyment! If you live in Northern Virginia and want in on this awesome class, click here for more information. For the rest of you, I hope you will join me on this next leg of my faith journey.

Have a blessed week!


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