Bible Study Comes With A Bracelet?

Bible Timeline BraceletHi, everyone! I’m stepping in this week since Roberto’s recent promotion to trainer has come with some unexpected extra hours. He made it to Bible study, however, and really liked the class. What was most interesting to me was that when he came home he was wearing a bracelet.

I knew he’d be getting some nice course materials, but jewelry?!

That was really intriguing.

Roberto explained that the colored beads correspond to particular eras of salvation history. The course he’s taking is an overview, eight sessions designed to provide a framework of understanding for the Bible. I’ll let him ‘regurgitate’ what he learned, but from looking at the materials I think you are all in for a treat as he shares this journey. As a writer, designer and former teacher, I’m very impressed with this curriculum. It’s clearly developed by experts in the field of scripture study. The print materials are thoughtfully and beautifully designed. Roberto found the first DVD in the series to be both illuminating and funny and he took plenty of notes. Be sure to subscribe or follow so you can hear more about it.

I love to see technology being used to help people gain a greater understanding and love for God. So often we allow all these gadgets to rule our lesser selves, but when we choose they can also be a force for good. We just have to be creative and mindful. There are Bible apps, prayer websites and other tools that can help us grow and thrive in our faith. Unfortunately there are a lot of distractions, too.

Today I left my mobile phone at home. It’s loaded with books and constantly connected to the Internet so I can always do something. That doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea to be doing something. When I realized I didn’t have my phone with me, I thought about whether I could survive one day without it and maybe turn that busy-ness into quiet time. That lasted until the bus picked me up and I noticed copies of not one but two free newspapers. Ok, I’m addicted to reading. I admit it. But I was able to enjoy the lovely autumn weather and focus on my work in a different way today.

When I headed home, several other people were at the bus stop and we enjoyed an actual, real live conversation before parting ways. Instead of sticking my nose into a shiny little screen, I sat on the bus and listened to my breath. I did a few neck rolls. I thought about the post I’m writing for my own blog. I prayed for a friend whose life seems to be redefining the term “rough patch” lately.

In doing so, I realized that being quiet and making a space for God are not the same thing. Reading and web surfing are not loud activities, but they aren’t quiet either. There’s no room for anything else when your mind is digesting new information. Sometimes my brain fires off on multiple tracks at the same time, and it can be hard to hear the voice of God. But it’s always there when I make myself listen. Sometimes this meditation helps:

Be Still and Know That I Am God.

Be Still and Know That I Am.

Be Still And Know.

Be Still.




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  1. Charlotte Bryn

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and day. We hear about too much nonsense and garbage. This is so refreshing! Can’t wait to hear more about the sessions!

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