A Saint for the New Year

Happy New Year! This morning I discovered an excellent resource from blogger Brandon Vogt for nurturing our relationship with God with the help and guidance of the saints. He picks a personal patron saint for each new year. Throughout the year he reads books about his personal saint (or saints, you can pick more than one!) and asks for their guidance and intercession, thus developing a friendship with them and, consequently, deepening his relationship with God.

To pick a personal saint he recommends the Saint’s Name Generator developed by Jen Fulwiler which will choose a saint’s name for you at random. This was a great resource for me as it saved me from the angst of debating which saint was a good fit for me. Such a decision would be too heavily influenced by my own prejudices and personal tastes. Instead, I left it to the Holy Spirit to send me the name of a guide for 2013. Whom did the Holy Spirit send my way, you ask? St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She is the patron saint of (among several things) the homeless, nursing services, and the death of children. Two things that relate to my work with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and one that is all too timely.

Who will be your Saint for 2013?


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