Running the Good Fight

ImageThose of you who follow my Twitter feed have probably noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of running lately for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). The fact is Lisa Helene and I are training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January to raise money for this excellent organization.

I was inspired to do it by my brother Carlos who, five years after surviving a heart attack, completed a triathlon raising money for the same cause! I figured if he can do it, I can do it! Lisa Helene tagged along to an informational meeting and I kind of “peer pressured” her into joining me in the training. She agreed when she was assured that walking the entire route was acceptable. So she’s walking it and I’m going to run as much of it as I can.

We started training on August 3 and we still haven’t quit! LLS provides coaches, mentors, staff liaisons, t-shirts, and all the motivation needed to keep us showing up early every Saturday morning. The most important part of every training session is the “Mission Moment” when someone shares their story or the story of someone they know who is living with blood cancer. I started doing this purely as a fitness endeavor, but I have been inspired by the courage and faith of the people I have met who have fought this terrible disease and won. I am also determined to run for those who were not so lucky. LLS funds research that is turning this disease from one that people die from to one that people live with. Some day, with God’s help, it will become a disease that only exists in memory.

You can help Lisa Helene and me in our quest by, first and foremost, praying for us and the thousands of people living with blood cancer. Pray for the staff members and volunteers who work with LLS and continue to pummel blood cancer into cultural remission. Pray for the doctors and nurses who treat cancer patients with gentleness and compassion. Pray for the researchers who are dedicating their careers to making life happier for so many.

You can also help us financially. We have a donation website set up at: 

I will have this URL posted at the top of every blog post between now and January 6, 2014. We run on January 11 (the day after my birthday!).

Thank you in advance for your prayers and generosity!

Have a blessed week!


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